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Hello and thanks for a lot of interesting answers. I used to work with my 2 Uniflow powder measures before I started with Dillon. I found that apart from using the buffer, it is more important to make every stroke of the handle the same way and with the same amount of energy. This way the powder is thrown very exactly. YOu may have a problem with the long and sticky powders because you have to break the powder sticks when lowering the handle. When using these powders I use one tap up to fill the drum and two taps to empty it. This worked fine for me.
If you are working with charges like IMR 4350 for the 30-06 you need to do that. Owever, a guy fromtour German proof house mentioned to me that it is much more important to have an even bullet pull i.e. you should have the same lot of brass. Test they made for me showed that when using loads of appr. 56 grains of 4350 a diffence of 1 grain made NO difference in speed or pressure and the results were perfect. But using mixed brass of different neck tension made it worse. Pressure and speed were erratic. So make up your mind what is best.
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