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Originally Posted by Alk8944 View Post
No dog in the fight, but if you have been pricing belts this one has to be only half as good as they claim to be well worth the money! Just a blank from Tandy in 1 1/2" is some $22, and that was over a year ago when I last looked!
I doubt they are buying blanks. They are probably buying sides, getting as many strips as the can, and then selling the rest for scraps.

Of course the most common attitude in the gun world is, if it costs more it is better. This goes for guns as well as equipment.

I haven't paid over $60 for any belt, and that was a BW ranger style duty belt. I use two belts for 1 1/2 inch, both under $10, both work exceptionally well. One is a Carhart heavy duty off of ebay, about the same weight as a duty garrison belt. Other is a heavy waxed cotton belt that is as stiff as any belt twice it's thickness. But I was raised to be frugal.

State of Illinois issued us standard thickness garrison belts for trouser. These were plenty strong enough to carry the model 39 on the garrison belt in a pancake holster.

See what departments issue for plain clothes carry, betting they are not 3 ply with a 4th steel ply for carry. But why stop at 3 ply or 4 ply, why not 6 ply.
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