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Default lasers/other lights on your weapons..

for carry or home defense . have a couple of guns that have nite sights , they are of some use but in my opinion i don not believe they are a game changer. read that i would not say they would make a major contribution in winning a close quarters in counter.
my glock is a gen 11 model .... no rail to mount a laser or a light/laser combo . darn , should i sell it or trade it in on a newer model glock just to have this feature ? NO , i do not like the device you can fit on the rail less models to have this potential problem solved , would only go for the gun model that has the rail feature already machined in.
then again after reading jim cirolo's (sp) info about his experience in his many shoot outs , he could only say you have to focus on the threat and will not even have the front sight come into play ! he should know !
and i have also read a report ( when i can find the publication i will try to insert here which guy taught it ) about the reviewed actual shootings . the people he had feed back from was around 70 actual shootings i believe .
he writes that no one involved in the gun fights needed access to any lighting devices as none of the participants mentioned it
post any thoughts or experiences you have had . all thanks .
right now i am leaning toward keeping the model glock model that i have and getting in as much practice as i can in that 3-7 yard range that most bad -fast encounters develop and basically just a very quick " gun outlined against the target approach " with bare minimum use of the sights !
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