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I have been around 68 years now and survived one "situation" that evolved into a shooting inside house. I have two red dot sights that require batteries on revolvers for target shooting. My experience has been that when I get to the range, I find the batteries start dying while I'm shooting. Murphy's Law seems to dominate .
I can't trust my life to a battery powered anything because I tend to forget about the batteries until I turn them on. I have since bought a battery tester that shows how good-bad a battery is which helps decide when to change batteries....but I can't trust myself to NOT forget about the batteries. Even my flashlights get taken for granted until a hurricane is approaching ... then I check them.
If you are going to use lights and/or sights, in a life or death situation make sure the unit works every and all time ( a good i.e. expensive quality unit) and set up a strict schedule to test the unit and change the batteries.
In my one experience, things happened really fast, there was no time to turn on lights/lasers , only a fast response , the bad guy being a poor shot and with the grace of God I survived.
It's a personal decision to use these technological superior sighting tools and as long as they are properly working they are great, but when they stop working....they not so great.

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