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I do not own any lasers and would not use them ever for a SD gun even if I did own one. I never want to rely on a red or green dot to shoot. If you train yourself using a laser all of a sudden you become dependent on it and actually wait to see it. I would not like that "crutch" on a SD gun.

As far as a flashlight is concerned, I don't use them mounted to a gun either and here's my rational. While they may help illuminate the bad guys, it also marks you! It would be a natural instinct for a bad guy to return fire directly at your flashlight. If you have the gun on target guess where the light is...... right between your eyes! I much prefer the ability to know my own home, we leave 4 watt night lights on which is good for me but bad for them, and if I should need additional light I will use a flashlight - but not mounted on a gun. I like the ability to hold it as far away from my body as possible, and that would naturally be the point of aim for a BG.

So that's my theory, opinion and choice - yours may differ.

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