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Okay, while I have a few minutes I'll address a few of the things I take issue with.

1. I have personally experienced instances where in dim light I could see the target but could not see my gun nor its sights. I relied on instinctive shooting but it was daunting at the distance. When I switched to night sights for the same scenario at the following qualification, I was able to see my sights while acquiring the target.

Also, they help one put their muzzle on the location they believe the threat to be even if the lighting is less than adequate to fully illuminate the threat.

2. A WML does not preclude the carriage of a handheld light for searches or other tasks. That said, a WML can be flicked on and off rapidly (as required) which not only may serve to disorient a threat, it allows one to step to one side or another to change position.

Also, with the bright lights on WMLs these days, one does not need to muzzle a target. There is ordinarily sufficient spill or reflected light to illuminate a subject without aiming directly at them.

Also, having a WML on a handgun doesn't require that it be employed.

There is more but hopefully you get the gist. I have no desire to engage in argument or a war of words. Those who have made up their minds one way or another won't care either way. I am only hoping to reach those who are still trying to learn while they have an open mind.

(I come by my experience from 20+ years in law enforcement, during which time I also served on SRT and trained with other SRT, local, state, federal and military teams such as SEALs, SAS, GSG-9 personal training outside of the job.)

I went many, many years without night sights or a WML personally and they may or may not play a part in ones plans.

What I am arguing against is misinformation so that folks can make a proper decision for themselves.

Okay, I'm out.

ETA: I do not have a WML on any of my carry firearms. Only on my designated nightstand gun. I do, however, have night sights on each of my semi-autos. None on my revolvers.
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