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Originally Posted by Rastoff View Post
I'm not a fan of weapon mounted lights (WML) on a pistol. When searching in the dark, everywhere you point the light is being muzzled; rule 2 violation.
....... .......
A laser can be a useful tool, but shouldn't be relied on. A shooter who practices with their iron sights will have no trouble shooting with a laser. A shooter who only practices with the laser will NOT be able to effectively use their iron sights should the need arise.
Words of wisdom and experience from member Rastoff, in my opinion, anyway.

I speak from the standpoint of having had laser (CT, good stuff), and getting rid of lasers in favor of practicing more with iron sights until the aim becomes more of an instinctive point, where the front sight seems not needing to be there. My response time, or target acquisition time, has shortened measurably counting on me and my firearm only.

Where I did find lasers useful was when they showed me how unsteady my 'hold' was on a target. That tipped me off that I needed much more practice to actually stay on target. So, as a training device, I could, actually I do, recommend a laser. As a crutch to supposedly enhance skills without practice, I suggest that you may trip over the crutch when you're in a clutch.

For many reasons stated above I will remain a 'minimalist', making use of no-frills equipment and training to become as close to 'one' with my EDC as possible. I guess this is a 'lesson learned' from years of trap shooting - the more you become one with your weapon, the quicker you will acquire your target, the more often you will be on target, more birds will break, and the higher your scores will become. I learned early on that being open to advice will also help boost the number of broken clays.

So, there are opinions in all directions! Your mileage may vary, no question about it. What is good for me may not be so for you, and vice versa. A friend of mine recently said,"Having a laser sight is like cheating at a gunfight." I didn't disagree, but took him to the range so that he could show me. He spent a metric ton of time lining up the laser with his target.
We agreed that he should practice and we will revisit the issue. I don't think he will practice or revisit. Hope I'm wrong.

Sorry that my tangent focused on lasers only. As for additional lighting, IMHO I am not intending to be a night hunter (as perhaps a LEO would be), but rather defending myself or close company. My perceived need for additional lighting is very limited, and I would not be attaching it to my EDC, but at best perhaps carrying an auxiliary lighting device.

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