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Some times I agree and then lament that I have too many things and should really consider selling them off.....but I have not succumbed to that just yet......keep looking something will come up that you never knew you wanted. I picked up two .38 sw post Terriers, model 32-1s this past Friday. They were never on my radar but when they popped up on the local gun board I figured it couldn’t hurt to go see them and then to see that they had hardly been shot if at all were in the original boxes with wax paper, but with missing tools it just seemed to good to pass up. They are very close in serial number off by about 100 so they seemed like a decent deal at 800 for the pair........if you ever really find that you are bored you will know it and you will move on......I have let a couple of other hobbies go such as boating and remote control airplanes because I simply got to that point that there was not joy......I think there is still enough joy in gun collecting for me, but when the time comes I will either sell off or simply give them all away to the kids and grand kids. Good luck with your decision.

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