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I normally don't want to be a 'Beta-Tester' for new model/design pistols, but I did take a chance with the Shield, when it came out back in 2012 and I'm very glad that I did.

Having written that... For me to swap mine for a 2.0, it would need to be leaps and bounds above my original.

S&W seems to do pretty good about not releasing a new product until most (if not all) bugs have been worked out.

Like those who line up for days to get the Very Latest iPhone, there will be those who will lament that S&W isn't pumping out 2.0 Shields fast enough for them (and watch prices soar out of control on GunBroker... again). There will also be those who may call it cr@p because it doesn't live up to THEIR (exaggerated) expectation, no matter how good it may be.

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