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Originally Posted by Anothergrumpyoldman View Post
I have an assortment of K frame Smiths from early 1900's thru mid 1970's, but never had an N frame till two weeks ago. I was at a Gun show and saw a M1917 S&W for sale. This one had one problem. Someone in the past filed the front sight to look like a ramp, which ruined some collector value. On the plus side, it locked up tight and had the original blueing. He also had 4 moon clips and 24 rounds of ammo. It was made in 1918 and has all markings very visible. I bought it. Found all matching serial numbers except for the grips, a .005 barrel/cyl gap, and the barrel slugged at .4505. Took it to the range and at 10yds. hand held 4 out of 6 shots were touching and the other two close, and dead center. I paid $500.00 for it. Saw two others at the show for $700.00 in 60% the condition of this one. Do you think the price was fair because of the front sight? Thanks for any input.
I would have paid $500 or traded my first born for it. Most any N frame is worth $500.
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