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Okay---let's talk about the front sight a little---maybe a lot.

First off, it is what it is. What it is is in the eye of the beholder. You seem to see it as, let's say unfortunate. On the other hand, you've learned that it works.

Now the other guy, the one who messed with it, thought it was unfortunate the way it was before---and he would take exception to me saying he messed with it. As far as he's concerned, he fixed it.

I collect target guns---examples of those used by real competitors in the real matches of yesteryear. Part of me prefers those examples to be really spiffy----unfooledaroundwith. That said, another part of me recognizes my preferences aren't necessarily the same as other folks'.

A case on point: I have what appears to be an essentially brand new 1st Model Single Shot pistol----all except for the front sight. It has been lovingly and very precisely wrapped with copper sheet stock---.012" thick. It's applied to both sides, and on top. It's secured in place by a flush pin (rivet maybe), and the perimeter follows exactly the perimeter of the original blade. It's an absolute work of art on the one hand---and a complete defacement on the other hand. The good news is I could replace it with another blade---an unfooledaroundwith blade----in a matter of minutes. I've had that gun for the better part of 20 years---and it's exactly the same as when I got it. I decided it had character. And besides that, it's one of the very first high visibility front sights---like those we pay extra for now.

I have other guns with different defacements---weird grips--checkered triggers-----"special" hammers, and the like. One other single shot wouldn't work at all when I put it back together after its "welcome bath". I had to sit and stare at that one for awhile. Then I noticed a second little notch just a bit above the original (where the bottom of the mainspring fits). Now I know where the mainspring goes---and that's where I put it---the first time around. When I did it like someone else wanted it done a long time ago, it worked fine. Actually, it worked a hell of a lot better than any of my other single shots---an action/trigger pull to die for!! As near as I can tell, that gun had an "action job" somewhere along the way---a real simple one involving a different spring in a different place.

Bottom Line: There are different strokes for different folks.

Next Bottom Line: Don't sweat the small stuff!

Last Bottom Line: Those guns with "character" are one of a kind----special.

Ralph Tremaine

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