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I am guessing you mean you aren't finding any new and exciting firearms in you normal haunts so maybe you are correct .You should go on a gun cation a vacation to a place just to check out the gun shops .I got a local guy that will work with me on transfers ( for a small fee of course ) .he knows me and has run a dozen background checks so he isn't worried as long as I buy anything from another ffl of course .I find somewhere that has a good assortment of dealers and I get me room and go stay a few days and visit the local pawn shops and gun stores ect I truly enjoy it .Have made some good contacts with guys the say as long as I am willing to go thru ffl dealers they are happy to work with me( for a small fee of course) .So take yourself a gun cation man I do it all the time .No it's not the cheapest way to buy guns but you have to figure in the fun factor ,it amazes me how many people will spend money to watch a movie that usually isn't that good then balk at the idea of paying a gun dealer a fee for his help acquiring a firearm that they want and can enjoy for years ,we realy need to look at the fun factor more .

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