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As a number of posts in this forum have demonstrated, S&W is still doing some repairs for 3rd Gen semi autos. Some small parts are available at Brownells, Midway, and even Ebay.

Unfortunately, for StephenWhoDat, they will not repair frames and don't have replacement frames available. In your case, they will do as BB57 states. They will offer you a discount of some sort on a M&P of similar configuration.

Personally, I'd part the gun out and use the money to buy a new pistol.

Originally Posted by BB57 View Post
His experience is no longer relevant as S&W announced in mid 2014 that it had discontinued support for the 3rd generation pistols. That's one reason so many of them have been showing up as law enforcement trade-in or surplus pistols over the last few years.

What this means is that if you send one in for repair, they will scrap it and “replace” it with an M&P Series gun. This is not a direct replacement, but rather they'll offer you a comparable M&P pistol at cost.

I like my 6906 a lot, but I wouldn't spend a dime on any of the M&P series pistols.

Your best bet if you like the 6906 is to find another one, and keep your current one for spare parts.
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