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Originally Posted by StephenWhoDat View Post
This is absolutely false. I own 20+ 3rd gens and S&W customer service still takes care of any issues I have. Issues are extremely rare, but they still stand behind the lifetime warranty on all of my 3rd gens, even post 2014. Most recent was January of this year (2017). I was only inquiring about this particular issue because I'm curious if he was able to salvage the firearm. Not sure where you heard that they stopped support, but I can tell you that they have not. They continue to remain one of the best customer service/support teams around.
You've ignored the context of the OP's repair needs. Even if you didn't, "absolutely false" is hyperbole.

The OP is not in need of a small part that S&W may still have in stock. The OP is talking about a new frame, and that raises two separate issues:

1) It used to be common practice for companies to scrap a damaged frame and the put the other parts on a new and not yet numbered frame off the production line, then stamping it with the same serial number as the original pistol. That approach is now viewed as illegal by ATF.

ATF is more concerned that worn out receivers on registered full auto weapons are not replaced, but by extension it applies to all firearms. As an example, ATF prosecuted someone who tried to circumvent this by cutting the serial numbered section of a worn out full auto receiver and welding it into a new receiver. When a receiver wears out or breaks, ATF wants it to stay dead.

2) There is no production line for the 6906, and hasn't been for a long time, so they'd have to have a new numbered 6906 frame sitting on a shelf that could be used to "replace" the OP's pistol. S&W has in fact discontinued that kind of major component support for the 3rd gen pistols.

S&W does still provide small parts support when they are available. However, S&W is not making new runs of small parts, and while they will continue to support 3rd gen pistols until those parts are gone, they will eventually be gone. At that point replacement with a newer model pistol as a "simulated" repair is the only thing they can do.

Your personal experience and good fortune doesn't change that.
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