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Default WITHDRAWN Hornady .257 75 gr HP Varmint #2520 projectiles for lead pistol projectiles

Have a box of 100 count (see pics). Midway says these are discontinued (there's a newer, more modern Hornady 75 gr in .257). I just have the one box. The few reviews on Midway's site for this older projectile were positive when used as a varmint load for .25-06 and .257 Roberts.

Am looking for .358 or .429 lead cast projectiles (lubed) for plinking. My preference would be 148 gr SWC in .358, but anything will do for .38 or .44 special.

I'll send these in a small "priority mail" U.S. post office shipping box, expect same (they cost 7 bucks and some change; but, weight doesn't matter & it's tracked and insured for up to $50, plus they provide the box).

As to how many projectiles I wish to trade for, I'll leave that up to who ever is interested in the trade (whatever you think is fair or you have to spare).

BTW, the bag of 100 on these is sealed, but there is a small whole in the bag so a few may be missing...just FYI for full disclosure.

First "I'll take it" followed by a PM with details of trade gets it. I will respect the first received. Thanks for looking.
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