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HeavyB, I disagree with James insofar as the name "Walter Winans" has no value to a collector. He was the undisputed world's champion pistol shooter for many years in the 1890s and perhaps the finest shot of all times and Olympic Gold medal winner. He had a number of Smith & Wessons ( and Colts ) with similar stampings, and some of them have sold at good auctions in the recent times, for very good prices. It's like saying the name "Babe Ruth" on a base ball has no value! You can Google Winans and learn all about his accomplishments in the shooting scene. S&W records indicate the factory shipped 24 S&Ws directly to Winans, several of which were special presentations with embellishments by Tiffany, etc,. Winans also authored seven books on shooting. He was also an sculptor and painter of note and a member of Britain's Royal Academy, as well as the founder of England's Royal Horse Show! New Model #3s shipped to Winans include # 25121,25123 (shipped Mar. 12, 1889) 26338, 26339, 26340 & 26341 (shipped Feb 26 1890 ) 27889 (shipped Nov 22, 1895) 27897, 27899, 27902, 27906 (shipped Jan 27, 1892) 28021, 28022, 28023, 28024 ( shipped Jan 5, 1893) 33862, 33874 ( shipped Apr 29, 1903) and seven .38 HE revolvers , special orders, # 020, 021, 022, 023, 024, 025, & 026 (shipped Aug. 4, 1899 ) A collection of 14 of these Winan's guns was sold in 1981 by S&WCA member Ron Ogan. S&WCA member Dr. Gery Klaz is our resident expert on Winan's and is writing a book about him. I can see your gun easily reaching a mid four figures in a good auction. Ed.

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