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Default Why I will never be a national champion shooter

The New Zealand IPSC Handgun nationals were held mid November with the Cowboy Action Nationals the following weekend. Both events were held at my local club this year (we are one of only two clubs in the North Island with enough ranges to hold an IPSC Nationals and non eof the South Islanders want to so we do it year about).

I shot well enough at the IPSC's to get a bronze medal in my Division/Grade, but I was so far down the list from the National Champion that, for a day or so, I was considering moving divisions where the winners score was not so high. But no, I'll stay in my beloved Classic Division although next year I am going to shoot minor in a few Level II matches to see if I can justify doing so at Level III's.

The winner is young, under 30, and lightning fast. Interestingly this year he moved back to shooting a .45 in major instead of the 9mm minor he has shot for several years.

I ended up not competing in the Cowboy Nationals. With the amount of time I have been away from home this year I just have not been in a position to shoot a full Cowboy match, although I did get to shoot a half a club match the day before my wifes transplant. This years' National winner was our former, and again current, junior champion.

That's right, our Junior champion is also the National champion. At 16 years old "Rooster" is a slick shooter.

Bradley McDowell wins NZ Cowboy shooting title - NZ Herald

Now I just happen to know young Rooster, he is a member of my own pistol club. And I suspect that not even the attraction of girls to a 16 year old growing boy will sway his current focus on wining a world junior title, if not next year then the year after.

And he has plenlty of time to take out the world title too. After all, he has youth on his side, which is more than most of us have.
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