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Originally Posted by bananaman View Post
May be a silly question, but here goes. Why in reloading data do 225 gr. lead projectiles call for a gas check. (.44) 200 gr. does not, nor does 250 gr. I do not plan on using these for fast/hot loads. Thanks, Bob
Gas checks are all about protecting the bullet base from hot, expanding gases. Whether gas checks are used or not has nothing to do with bullet weight, but bullet speed.

The faster a lead bullet goes down a barrel, the greater chance of leading that leaves streaks of lead in the barrel. Mounting a copper "gas check" on the bullet base tends to counter any base metal "melting" that might occur during shooting, as well as "scrape" the rifling clean with each shot.

Generally, gas checks are used for bullets traveling in the transonic-to-supersonic range.
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