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I find it sort of amusing that it has been 12 years since the Taurus Judge was released and nearly a decade since ammo manufacturers starting coming out with specialty ammo that has been proven effective in a number of videos against a wide variety of targets including animals where are much tougher to stop than even a drugged up human being, yet still we have ignorant folks who make silly comments like calling it a "toy" and calling .410 Revolvers useless for self-defense.

First of all, anyone who calls a firearm a "toy" automatically loses an argument in my book because anybody who calls something as hazardous as a firearm a "toy" probably shouldn't own one in the first place. I don't care if it's an intentional exaggeration on their part either, guns aren't toys, and anybody who calls a gun a toy (even as an exaggeration) is a fool.

Second, folks who make bold proclamations on subjects they clearly lack any experience in whatsoever ought to keep their mouths shut, especially in regards to subjects as serious as life or death when it comes to selecting a firearm for self-defense. I've seen too many folks get scared away from using .410 Revolvers by people who know nothing about them yet still somehow feel qualified to comment on their effectiveness.
If you can't be bothered to do research on a subject before commenting on it, then perhaps you should at least look up the definition of the following term; Dunning-Kruger Effect. (Ah, but then again, I'm talking to the same people who couldn't even be bothered to click on the video I linked to, so copy/pasting is likely way above their capabilities...)

Lastly, I hear a lot of folks in regards to a variety of firearms immediately label any firearm with limited range as "useless" even when said range is well within the distances in which one would likely find themselves needing to fire, (especially in Home Defense) yet apparently these people must live inside houses the size of football fields and believe that they'd be able to justify shooting someone from 30+ yards away.
Once again, if you'd actually bother doing even the most basic of research, you would find that specialty loads such as Federal Premium .410 Handgun 000 Buck uses Federal's Flight Control wad which enables the shot to hold a tight pattern out to 20 yards, which is well in excess of any distance one would likely find themselves needing to fire their gun, especially in the Home/Vehicle Defense scenarios these weapons were designed for.

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