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Originally Posted by lrrifleman View Post
The recent events surrounding the tragic shooting at MSDHS in Parkland, FL and the renewed dialogue about arming teachers has gotten me thinking, and I welcome your sharing your opinions.

In the years after 9/11 and prior to my retirement due to injury induced disabilities, I was viewed by my school's resource officers as their immediate backup in the event of an armed confrontation due to my competition experience. In looking back, my professional responsibility was with the students that were assigned to my class ... as such, I would have been derelict in my duties if I left my students to "hunt" an armed intruder. As such, I have been asking myself what sidearm would I want (given the legal opportunity to carry in school) to carry on my person that would be:
a) easily concealed,
b) would not print and would not lend itself to "flashing" students, and
c) could be expected to provide near target accuracy at 20 yards or more?

In my classroom, the distance from my desk to the door would be at least 12 yards, from the back diagonal corner about 15 yards. I would not want to contemplate engaging a threat through a classroom window.

Perhaps it is the target shooter in me, but I wouldn't want to train on a Q target, I would want something more demanding like a reduced B27. Considering the number of innocent people within the field of fire, I would want something that could consistently deliver 3" groups at 25 yards (give or take) with ample power to neutralize a threat. While adrenaline would be running rampant, I can see the need for deliberate aimed fire.

If you were a teacher and found yourself in the unenviable position of defending your students from an armed intruder under a deep on-body concealed carry, what handgun would you depend upon for not only your life, but the lives of your students?

I would like to know your choice and your rationale! Thank you.
I'd prolly carry an M&P .40, with a couple of extra mags,,, very sad to hear about the resource officer,,, but as rich says, those situations get very tense.

I worked with DD Adults, and we had a few folks that would require restraints and occasionally we did call the cops,, we were all trained to handle those types of situations, and yes, I did get hit a few times, and once had the little finger of my right hand bent back and tendons damaged.. LOL

but I'd have to say some of the teachers and administrators are scarier than the students???
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