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I live in Utah where concealed carry by concealed firearm permit holders in public schools, colleges and universities has been allowed for about 25 years. I'm glad my children and grand children go to school here because there are teachers, administrator, employees, parents and students over 18 do carry in schools here. School administrators are not allowed to ask if a teacher is carrying; concealed is concealed.

As far as I know no teacher has shot a student, no student has take a teachers firearm. I know of only one negligent discharge at a school...a teacher damaged a toilet. That is a better NG record than the police.

I have worked in the retail firearms business for years. When a teacher buys a firearm for concealed carry they seem to go through the same questions anyone else goes through when making the buying...can I conceal it, safely operate the firearm and shoot it with reasonable accuracy. Some buy small revolvers but most these days opt for a concealable semi automatic in .380 through .45 acp.

I have on occasion discussed with teaching friends what there plan was in a mass shooting case. To a person their answer was the same: protect their students, lock the door, shelter in place and find a protected spot where they could cover the door. Pretty much just what I would do in my on home if someone breaks in. I'll leave clearing my house to the police.
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