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Gentlemen, thank you for another wonderful book. I am a student of the .22/32 HFT (Bekeart Models) so I will add the following:

Page 132 "2. First Bekeart-Pattern production run....
states S&W made 1044 actually should be 1050 serial numbers are 138,226 to 139,275

Page 132 three lines above the photo you discuss 384570 as having recessed chambers. This is my gun and I reported it to you but failed to realize that since this gun has a * preceding the serial number that this gun was most likely sent back for this upgrade and not shipped this way.

There is another very interesting group of guns shipped 1-31, 2-18, 2-21, 2-27 and 3-19-1914 to M.W. Robinson in NYC. What is interesting is that these 490 guns, unlike the Bekeart shipped guns, are all consecutively numbered without any being shipped to other distributors. Unlike the former examples, the S&W logo is now moved to the right and is slightly larger. Serial 207,926 to 208,415

The logo stays this way until 1919 when guns are produced without any logo. In 1921 the logo moves back to the left and is reduced again to the small size. In the late 30's the .22/32 was brought out with a 4" barrel and called the "kit gun". Logo is now large and moved back to the right side. It is believed that the demise of the 6" .22/32 HFT was due to the introduction of the new K 22 in 1931.
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