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Originally Posted by sw282 View Post
My favourite bullet Hornadys 225gr FTX in my 460S&W.. Hornady says it

is good for 1800fps... l prefer 2400 over H110 in almost every instance..

2400 is just as accurate and much more flexible to use.. H110 will give

you maybe 5% more velocity.. Speer #12 has some reduced loads in

460S&W. They make fine bullets too. Don't forget CAST bullets in your

460 also.. l think you can get those up to almost 500gr.. Don't forget the

old 45-70 reloaders' tricks also when using smokeless powder.. A case filler

in the form of a card wad or a pinch of cotton or Dacron. Something to keep

the powder near the primer

I prefer the 300gr xtp mags myself
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