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I'm one of those freaks of nature---not ambidextrous per se----but close to it---and weird.

Left eye is master eye. I shoot well with either hand, but better right handed (and left eyed). I shoot long guns right handed and right eyed. I shoot handguns faster better with two hands----but like the man said, because of better recoil control. I write left handed. I throw right handed. I throw "like a girl" left handed. (No offense, lest I be flogged.) I bat left handed. It is the height of awkwardness for me to try to bat right handed. God forbid I should take up golf, but I'd swing those clubs left handed. I can use virtually any sort of hand tool equally well with either hand----which REALLY comes in handy!!

All this led to a tortured childhood at the hands of my well meaning father----who figured I should be one or the other----AND BY GOD YOU'RE GOING TO BE LEFT HANDED!!! So he bought a high dollar baseball glove for me---to be worn on my right hand. (See "throw "like a girl" left handed" comments above.) I could catch the ball just fine with my fancy glove on my right hand---and promptly took it off to throw the ball back. That led to great frustration and aggravation on his part---and to wishing I was somewhere else doing something else on my part.

The moral of this story is let your youngsters be what they are---unless it's against the law.

Ralph Tremaine
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