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Default 3rd Gen Frankengun build

So I won a stripped 5906 frame off that auction site a few weeks back and had my local ffl/custom shop bead blast it back to its matte finish for $25. I also at that time won a 915 parts kit sans guide rod/spring, slide stop assembly, and sear pin. I order a new guide rod/spring from midway usa and topped it off with an order from numrich for a sear pin, new hammer strut, new hammer pin, new main spring, new drawbar plunger spring, and new blued slide stop assembly.

I'm torn from this point on as i would like to use a 6904,6906/3914,3913 slide which if blued which is where I'm leaning would be refinished. The 06/13 slide would get stripped and bead blasted. I would probably also use a spurless hammer as well hence the strut and pin. I currently have a bid on a S&W 33-1 as well.

I noticed on that auction site that there is now a glut of majority imported 6904's and 6906's ranging from 389 to 225 without shipping as well as quality of fit and finish. I have $425 to spend which is my allowance from items I sold off. I could go with the nicer $389 6904 and swap slides, or I could go with the low end 6904 and have both slides cerakoted to as close as to the factory color and also do the 6904 frame. I'm just concerned with the finish on the high end of the 6904 as this would be the second blued S&W I own though the first to see extensive range and carry use. I know the value series finish on my 909 and others isn't that great, but does the same hold true for the 6904's and the rest of the line up?

I know if I go with the lower end I will have cash left over to refinish and if need be rehab the 6904 frame parts wise outside of springs. I could still try my luck on another 33-1 that's been around the block a few times as I was outbid on it while typing and posting pics. I guess I'm just a bit stuck in my build as I have too many options and outcomes to consider.



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