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Originally Posted by BAM-BAM View Post
Well I won't be much help..... FWIW ..... I went the opposite way.

My FrankenSmith is a 6915....... a short frame from a 6906 mated to a 915 upper.

Added a full hammer and will be adding a fiber optic front sight. . Really liking it as a "CCO" concealed carry.... two tone for good looks...... IWB the longer slide doesn't matter...... balances well ........ full hammer for those long first shots ........ short butt for concealed carry (extra mag is a 15 round 59xx mag with +2 adapter).....

Good luck .................
I have about $350 invested with the 5906 frame and 915 parts so spending 389 for a decent 6904 would allow me to have 2 frankenguns without having to refinish till later down the road. I'm going to try my luck one more time on a 33-1 since I do have probably 60ish rounds left and would be neat to reload for a 33-1. If I lose again I will give away the ammo so as not to be tempted to buy another 38S&W and focus on the frankenguns.
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