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Originally Posted by Destructo6 View Post
I'm referring to the ejector, not extractor. I should have stipulated that very clearly.

When new, my M&P's ejector was too far away from the bolt to allow reliable ejection of spent cases. Spent cases would be crushed by the bolt with regularity (2-5 out of 25). Sent it back to S&W, who tweaked the ejector and it's been great ever since. This is a fix that the end user can do pretty easily, but I wanted them to do it (it was new, dangit).

S&W may have changed the extractor in the Sport models, but I don't know that for certain. Again, I had a problem with ejection, not extraction.
I don't know that the ejector has changed. There were reports early (IIRC) on that the ejector was coming in contact with the bolt, and the fix was to ever so slightly bend the ejector away from the underside of the bolt. Also, this area of the bolt tends to pick up a lot of residue, so make sure it is cleaned regularly.
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