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Originally Posted by tomcatt51 View Post
Good summation. The issue is the POSITIONING of the EJECTOR. We've been thru this a bunch if anyone does a search. The EJECTOR needs to be high enough to be almost in contact with the underside of the bolt and laterally the "tip" of the ejector "hook" should be almost in contact with the rib on the underside of the bolt. By "almost in contact" I mean less than the thickness of a piece of paper clearance or barely contacting. The ejector is adjusted by (carefully) bending it. I adjusted mine and have adjusted the ejectors for guys with 15-22s at my home club. I'm not parroting what I've read...

After 5 yrs of shooting Rimfire and Steel Challenge and Bowling Pins Matches (and lots of practice rds) I still have the original extractors and springs and plungers in place. My 15-22s are EXTREMELY reliable. The only other reliability change I've made is that the Giessele triggers I run have extra power hammer springs and I use Colt 901 trigger and hammer pins that are longer and sit flush with the outside of the lower.
Where do you get the Colt 901 Hammer & Trigger pins. What Geissele Trigger are you using. I have 2 S3G w/3# springs in my Colt M4's that I really like for a CQB Gun with a Red Dot sight. You can absolutely hammer targets.
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