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Default Interesting or odd - hand fitted thumb-piece

Do I have a "special" thumbpiece, or just an everyday fitting issue of the late 70's era Smiths?
I recently bought an excellent nickel 29-2 and had an opportunity to compare it to another that could be a twin sister. The only thing I saw that was different was the cylinder release thumbpiece. One was un-touched that "dropped-in" and the other (mine) was totally fitted and re-shaped except the checkering. The lug was shortened and narrowed to fit the hole and it seats closer to the frame, and the rear edge that's tapered & curved under was filed "flat" on the radious behind the checkered depression which makes it taller and sharper. The other, un-touched, part did not fit my gun but I did notice that mine seats a bit too close to the frame and when pressed is leaving some scratch marks behind it.
I would like to try to "fit" a new one but have no idea why this was necessary when it was built... if it was intentional or something the gunsmith did to enhance the fit (back in the day) or simply the parts back then varied and some needed fitting... or the smithy began with the wrong part and got far enough to finish and send it along for plating!
This is obviously not an issue other than protecting from some hidden scratches on my 29. Both mine and the other are beautiful guns and both mechanically perfect! Just looking for a fun project that's 100% reversable if it doesn't pan out, and I retain the original factory part!
Any insights guys?
I have some pic's and will publish if this attracts some attention. Sorry for so many words for such a little topic!

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