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Resurrecting an old thread here. I finally got a chance to get to the range with my cleaned and oiled Model 29 but it didn’t improve. I suffered about a dozen failures in a hundred rounds. Furthermore, accuracy seems to be less than stellar, compared with my 3-inch 629 with the same loads.

My suspicion is that the cylinder is coming unlocked on every round. Sometimes the cylinder just rotates slightly, and other times it actually rotates a full turn. But as the bullet is leaving the cylinder, it’s not necessarily lined up with the forcing cone so the bullet is wobbling down the barrel.

That’s my guess anyway. I guess the next course of action is to replace the cylinder stop spring? Wolff offers both regular and extra strength. Is more actually better?

And I have no idea how to replace it? I can only imagine me taking the side cover off and getting an explosion of parts and springs flying all over the room!

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