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Originally Posted by rockquarry View Post
The theorists question why the .38 Special shouldn't be loaded to the same pressure level as the .357 magnum. Is that what this thread is about? Sort of hard to tell. I assume this all has to do with handloading since it's in the reloading section of the forum. Again, kind of hard to tell for sure.

Rather than bringing things like metallurgy into a discussion where few, if any, have a working knowledge of the subject, why not look at all this from a simple, safe, and practical perspective?

Might be best to use published recommended load data from reputable sources for particular cartridge / firearm combinations rather than attempt to see how much abuse a gun can withstand.

I fail to see the point of this thread, if there is one.
I don't either.

If it about reloading the OP can do as he wished. Test it out himslef.
Perhaps get some 357 mag load data (by all means use a really fast powder so it will fit in the case, load it up, use a FMJ bullet for good neck tension and pressure build up, then go shoot it in his gun and get back to us.

Here is a article from Brian Pierce. I disagree with parts of it. (Like 38 +P brass is somehow different) but hey he is the expert magazine writer.)

So knock yourself out!
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