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Default BE-86 or Power Pistol

For those of you with experience with BE-86 and Power Pistol, which one would you recommend for 10mm? How about with .44 and .357 mag?

I currently use Blue Dot with my 10mm loads, and 2400 with the magnums. Wondering if BE-86 or PP would work as well for all of these? Not looking for nuclear loads, but I do want full power capability for the caliber, with good consistency/accuracy.

I've done some research and it looks like BE-86 may be a better option than PP due to lower flash and boom, but again looking for some first-hand experience as I've never used these powders.

I also load 9mm and.38spcl, with W231, and .45acp with Bullseye. Would BE-86 and/or PP be better for those loads. I know they are slower powders, and from what I've read some folks seem to be getting some great results with BE-86. Wondering if it's worth changing to the newer powder... Thanks!
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