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Double-vs-single stack is kinda...generic. For instance, a subcompact double-stack 9 is only going to hold 10 shots or so, the same as a fullsize single-stack.

But on reflection, that's also pretty close to another important question: Do I want a thinner, taller gun, or a wider, shorter one?

I had always sort've scoffed at guys that claimed to CCW fullsize 1911s, thinking they must either live in fairly non-restrictive communities or be giants. But then I tried sticking a G34 in a holster--same length and width, much wider--and was rather surprised at how easy it was. Before, I'd thought about something like a Springfield XD if I ever decided to go .45 (XDs I've tried all failed to chamber if you slingshotted instead of hitting the slidestop, which I can't accept.

So now I'm thinking, huh, ten shots of .45ACP or 10mm is kind've interesting. Not enough to switch from my current heater, but something to think about down the road.
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