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Not quite sure how to answer this one.

I suppose I should go with 5-shot revolver since I've been carrying a 642 for several years. I like it because it works for me. Reasonably powerful, lightweight/compact enough to be easily carried, and I can shoot it well.

I also really liked carrying the 2" 64 I had, as well as a 3" 65, so 6-shot revolver would also be an option.

But my gun preferences are kind of in flux right now. I'm fine carrying my snub, but I'm planning on getting some kind of compact 9mm this year (*fingers crossed*). I'll probably still rely on the snub, but it would be nice to have the option of carrying something a little..."more."

I will say the 8-shot revolver would be too big for me and the derringer too small. Not that I wouldn't carry either, depending on the circumstances, but they definitely wouldn't be on my "favorite" list.

I dunno...*shrug*
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