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Remington - ?? Wow, where to start. There is this custom belt buckle from '81 that is still worn today that says Remington. Guns around?? well there are the 22 RFs, a 513 T that is super accurate, a 513 S because they did not make many. A 40X that has won a few BR 50 shoots against the best custom guns in the world. The 552 that was purchased in 1969 that has killed several truck loads of small game. Then the pistol, there is the xp100 in 7BR that is a super tack driver. Then to the rifles, o ****, the re barreled 22-250 that has killed 100's upon hundred of crows, woodchucks, rabbits, etc since being around from 1971 as the first varmint gun. Then there is the 742 in 3006 from 1968 that was under the Christmas tree that has taken 50-60 whitetails. Then there is the 280AI 700 that killed the deer at 650 yards a few years ago and a 40x bench rest rifle in unlimited that has a few trophies on the wall from the bench rest game a few years ago. And to top it off, I knew "Mr. Remington" in person, Mike Walker. Dad of the 222, 6 mm Remington the BR case, the 700 action, back when Remington was at the top of the heap in the gun industry. yep, tears for what the "bean counters" have done to one of the greatest gun manufacturing companies to ever exist in the US of A. A sad day is upon us, but the legend lives on. O I forgot all those 870's around some that have taken many Turkey in the mountains of the south and broken so many clay birds on the ranges. There are 4 sitting around keeping all the others company. I guess the price of these items will just go upwards as this great company disappears into the history books. A sad day indeed
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