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Default Problem with 4506 Slide Stop's a project.

I Put 150 rounds of various loads through the 4506 today. The good news is it reliably fed everything and was VERY accurate. Unfortunately I encountered this malfunction on slide lock.

Advanced apologies for the focus on the cell phone.

This occurred on the last round, every magazine, every time regardless of the load. The slide would move all the way to the rear of its travel, then move forward and fail to engage the slide stop and the slide would bind up in the position you see here. I shot it with different holds to make sure my thumbs weren't interfering with the slide stop. I've replaced the recoil and mag springs to no effect. The followers seem in good shape. The spring tension on the slide stop plunger seemed a little weak, so I've replaced that when I got home, but I haven't shot it again as of right now.

I bring it here in the hopes that one of our former 3rd Gen. armorers can enlighten me, as I've never dug into one of these before.

I've tried to include photos of the slide stop and various plungers that provide activation of the slide stop, as well as hold it in place. Does anything look overly worn or damaged? Could the slide stop plunger be too worn, or the side plate? Without knowing what these parts look like when new I can't tell.

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