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Comparing your pics to my 4566, here's what I see:

The left-side view of the slide shows your slide stop is too high and appears to be riding outside of the slide. The "locking" tab is above the bottom edge of the slide and should be below it unless engaged in the slide notch. My 4566 slide stop never protrudes above the bottom of the slide except when the tab is in the locked position. It physically cannot. It's almost as if the slide stop isn't fully inserted or is bent outward.

The bottom edge of your slide looks chewed up but it's hard to tell from the blurry photos.

Is the slide stop in its "down" position? Something is forcing it up. If the slide stop isn't bend, you may have the wrong one.

With the mag removed, the tab on my 4566 drops about 1/16 inch below the bottom of the slide but rides against the bottom with an empty nag inserted. It never goes above the slide.

I'd replace the slide stop.

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