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Originally Posted by GaryS View Post
The hardest part of this modification is generally finding a left side only safety/decoker lever. I searched for a couple of years before I found a stainless one (the last one) from Cylinder and Slide. Since then, I've found a couple of black left side only levers for both the 3913 and 457.

If I ever find a 4513TSW that I want to buy, it will get one of the 457 levers. I already did the modification to my pre rail 3913TSW.

For me at least, thinning the profile of the 3rd Gen slides makes them just that much better for carry.

This is so true. The LS safety is very hard to come by. Numrich just had it as in stock one day and it went out of stock after I bought it. This is why Iím a bit hesitant to cut into it even though It sticks out too far for my liking. I just use it for a decocker.

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