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Default RIA: .455 Webley Triple Lock Sale Result from yesterday

I didn't think this one was quite as nice as the one I bought last month for a bit over $1500, and mine had a factory letter. Pre-auction estimate was $1600 to $2500, so I had to give it a shot.

S&W.44 Hand Ejector 1st Model Triple Lock Double Action Revolver-Revolver Firearms Auction Lot-404

Couldn't even get a bid in it was bid up so fast! $3250 plus 18.5% commission puts it at $3851.25! I thought I got a good price on mine, but maybe it was a great price. There seems to be a recent and significant interest in the .455 Webley Triple Lock. Maybe something to do with the Centennial of WWI?

A photograph of mine is posted for comparison.

I suppose one could perhaps suggest that maybe I am biased towards mine since I own it and not the other one. But mine has nicer grips and significant gouging is absent. Clearly the one auctioned yesterday is a decent example, but hammering at 2 1/2 times what mine did???

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