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Agree with Rock Quarry. Depending on the velocity you want, you should be sure that the SWC bullet you select won't leave you with leading in the barrel (which is a PITA to clean out). I often use the Skeeter load in .44 Spl (7.5 grns Unique with 240-255 grn cast bullet). I find that Hornady's cast 240 SWC-HP is on the soft side (esp. if I push that up to 7.7 grns). There is lot of velocity 'overlap' between .44 Spl and .44 Mags. Here is an older thread that may help you:

Brinell level vs. velocity guidelines

I like Matt's Bullets - he carries three Keith-style bullets and knows his business well. I have found him a very helpful resource - tell him what you're loading and he will inform you of the Brinell hardness and give some velocity references towards avoiding leading.
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