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Default Poor Man's Buffalo Gun

I have never been able to afford a Sharps rifle or a Remington Rolling Block custom rifle, but I found this nice gem recently, an Argentine 1879 Remington Rolling Block in .43 Spanish. It's got a few dings and dents in the wood but it has a wonderful bore for a gun that shot blackpowder rounds over a hundred years ago. It reminds me of Lucretia Borgia, the full stocked Trapdoor Springfield Buffalo Bill Cody shot 3,000 bison with when he was under contract. I had thought about customizing this rifle, but it's too nice to cut up. Still has the nice three line Remington markings on the tang. If all works out, I would like to take it hunting if I can get it to shoot. I got it for about a third of the cost of a decent Italian Sharps replica and less than the deposit of a Shiloh Sharps.

Vaya con Dios
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