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Default 1917 Carry Gun Project

I thought I'd share a few pictures of project I've always wanted to do and finally found the right gun and had the money to get it accomplished. I just got it back from the gunsmith yesterday.

I wanted to create a fitz special out of a Colt New Service 1917 or something similar out of a S&W 1917. However, I could never find a base gun for the decent price point; also, I could never bring myself to destroy a true military surplus.

About a month ago I found the perfect gun for my dream project: A S&W 1917 that had a Model of 1950 barrel on it and the lanyard loop missing. It was also without the original wood grips and was wearing a set of modified N-frame pachmayr rubber grips. My LGS has it priced as a shooter. (See the before picture).

I just got it back from the gunsmith yesterday and it looks awesome (after picture).
He cut and crowned the barrel to about 3 inches, bobbed the hammer, removed the single action hitch in the hammer, shortened and rounded the grip frame, and refinished the whole gun. The gunsmith cut an N-frame pachmayr grip adapter short and created a custom pair of wood grips for it. The gunsmith said he used grips off a 44 hand ejector to make grips.

My gunsmith actually thanked me for wanting to do that project. It was seldom he gets to do old school gunsmithing and he loved doing it.

I haven't had a chance to take it to the range. When I do, I'll be sure to include a range report.

I also have to now find an N-Frame holster. I'd appreciate any recommendations on that front.
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