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Originally Posted by Trooper224 View Post
... The younger generation seems to be discovering these old guns and considers them to be pretty cool, having been raised on plastic fantastics. In law enforcement circles they're called "hipster guns" now.
ARGH!! Hipster?!? Might as well call it a Gat and act cool with pretend bravado ... sigh ...

Not around me.

Reminds me of what a friend of mine told me. He graduated in the last LAPD academy that used revolvers. He said the class motto was "The Last of the Gunfighters".

I recently did a complete armorer inspection of his older 3913 (from his UC/Crash days at LAPD), as he really likes that compact.

I replaced his extractor because it was developing some light chipping, and his extractor spring was a pound below the minimum tension (checked with a force dial gauge, and the normal spec is 4-7lbs). He said it had been perking right along without any feeding, extraction or ejection issues ... and he was still using the original springs.

Anyway, I puffed it out, also replacing the trigger play spring with the new style spring, and gave him all new recoil & mag springs. I told him he ought to be good for another 20+ years.

He tried it out at the range at his former agency (he retired from another agency than LAPD) and said it ran perfect. Now, it seems like he's going to look for an excuse to go shooting it at the range every so often.

Yep, about the big boomers ...

Running and gunning the heavy recoiling Magnum guns in our youth can start to come back to haunt us as we age, and the accumulated wear & tear finally stars to make itself felt. It's not at all uncommon for aging 1911 shooters to develop a sudden appreciation of 9's as they reach their golden years.
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