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My latest Outdoorsman (#659434) was shipped January 28, 1937. My K-22 2nd Model (#682435, one of the earliest----16th in the series, 15th shipped) went out March 21, 1940. I find it odd the grips are not numbered, but as noted above, it's not a big deal---to me anyway.

The grips on my 22/40 weren't numbered either. I found that to be odd also. Also odd was the fact the grips weren't fit to the gun in the usual manner. Then the letter arrived, noting the gun was shipped "with grip adapter attached". It was awhile after that it dawned on me the grips weren't fit to the gun because they weren't attached to the gun, but to the adapter---which also wasn't fit to the gun.

The moral of this story is everything will be all right if you sit and stare long enough.

Ralph Tremaine

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