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Unhappy Shield EZ dud

I saw an EZ no safety in the shop today so I figured Iíd give it a go.

I took te gun home and gave it a quick cleaning before heading outside with my wife for some range time.

My first shot resulted in a stove pipe. I finished the magazine with no issue and shot two more magazines with no issue.

My wife then gave it a go. Her first shot resulted in a failure to feed. The first round was extracted but the next round stayed in the magazine. Her next shot was a failure to extract. Next shot was ok, the following round was a stove pipe. She handed my the gun and I emptied it with no issues.

She tried the next mag, first shot was another failure of some sort. She handed me the gun because she was over it at that point. I emptied the magazine with no issues.

My brother in law joined us later and I had him put some rounds through. He also had no problem but was hitting left with all his shots. I shot a magazine and noticed the same thing.

I adjusted the rear sight and improved brought the shots in closer, but still a little to the left. I then noticed the front sight was a little loose / wobbly.

I decided I would finish my box of ammo and was still hitting about 3Ē to the left at 40 feet.

My very last magazine I noticed as the 7th spent casing was extracted, the 8th LIVE ROUND was also ejected.


So my wifeís issues are definitely limp wristing. She has never had that issue before and has fired a lot of seminauto handguns. We think itís the grip safety causing her to grip the gun differently.

Iím a bit disappointed. I took it apart this evening and gave it a detailed cleaning. I think I might take it out tomorrow and see what happens, but Iím thinking it may be going back, especially with the front sight being loose.

Itís amazing though that a gun marketed as a good choice for female / beginner / elderly shooters can be so easily limp wristed. She does need to work on a higher, tighter grip, but she shot her Sig P238 and M9, along with my PC Shield 9 and my CZ 75 SP-01 with zero problems.
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