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Originally Posted by nachogrande View Post
IDK, I guess "the rules" are ever changing, with a great deal of discretion on the TSA's part??? My 85 y/o (at the time) Mom in a NON tactical wheelchair had her tiny antique sewing scissors & nail clippers confiscated. I TOLD HER not to bring ANYTHING metal or sharp. She did not RESPECT MY AUTHORITY.
I remember a published story several years ago about a charter flight bringing soldiers back from the "sandbox" (combat zone). Each soldier was carrying his/her personal weapons (pistols, rifles, carbines, squad automatic weapons, etc), all unloaded of course. While passing through a stateside airport (transfer, refueling, whatever) the troops had to go through TSA screening, and the intrepid security officers proceeded to confiscate pocket knives, multi-tools, and nail clippers before allowing the armed soldiers to board the aircraft.

Common sense is not an epidemic in North America. Not even very common.
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