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I remember when that story surfaced. While not totally and completely disproven, that event most likely did not occur. Your telling is also far away from the original story, in which one set of nail clippers was allegedly confiscated . . .

FACT CHECK: Another TSA Outrage

Originally Posted by LoboGunLeather View Post
I remember a published story several years ago about a charter flight bringing soldiers back from the "sandbox" (combat zone). Each soldier was carrying his/her personal weapons (pistols, rifles, carbines, squad automatic weapons, etc), all unloaded of course. While passing through a stateside airport (transfer, refueling, whatever) the troops had to go through TSA screening, and the intrepid security officers proceeded to confiscate pocket knives, multi-tools, and nail clippers before allowing the armed soldiers to board the aircraft.

Common sense is not an epidemic in North America. Not even very common.
Wisdom comes thru fear . . .

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