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I've said it before...the .380Auto is a finicky caliber. The .380Auto guns tend to be the least reliable of the common calibers. I see it all the time. Guys defend their .380Auto guns, but at the range they are almost always the first to have malfunctions. That doesn't mean they can't be reliable, I just haven't seen it.

Originally Posted by gc70 View Post
Limp wristing occurs when the force used to hold a gun is less than the force needed to overcome the recoil spring.
The "limp wrist" or shooter induced malfunction is more complicated than that. It's not just less force, but a sweet spot between no holding force and solid as a rock.

I've seen a gun that was held as loosely as possible feed perfectly. Same gun with a nice solid grip feed perfectly. Same gun with a slightly less than solid grip malfunction. There's a spot that's not zero back pressure, but not solid, that will cause just about any semi-auto to fail.

Sometimes it can be the attitude of the gun as well. My shotgun will fire fine if held from the hip or shoulder. But if I hold it over my head, it will get a Type II malfunction almost every time. Could be the position, could just be that sweet spot I'm talking about.

...hitting left with all his shots. I shot a magazine and noticed the same thing.
This is the most common issue with any gun. Most of the time it's the shooter more than the gun.
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