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A few years ago when this topic came up on another forum, I had a box of Remington .38 S&W on the shelf because I have a S&W Terrier in that caliber. I also had 17 different revolvers - mostly S&W but also a few Colts - in .38 Special or .357 Mag. I tried the .38 S&W cartridges in each chamber of each of the revolvers and they fit easily in all 102 (17 X 6) chambers. I didn't try, and haven't tried, firing any of the .38 S&Ws in any of those revolvers, but I suspect they'd work just fine, likely of course firing to a different point of aim.

Since then, I read somewhere that modern .38 S&W ammo is made smaller in diameter than it was originally, so when this topic came up here I took 10 of the Remington S&W cartridges and my trusty Mitutoyo digital calipers and measured the diameter of the case mouth and base. The case mouths averaged .3804" (range of .3798 to .3811) against the nominal diameter for .38 S&W of .3855. The bases averaged .3812 (range of .3808 to 3815) vs. the nominal meausurement of .3865. So, they do appear to be a good bit on the small side, for what that's worth.
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