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Originally Posted by Texas Star View Post

First, capitalize Special in ".38 Special" in your article. You missed that every time, I think. Not just a typo...

Next, add that the name "Bodyguard" was suggested by Walter W. Wohlfhart (sp?) of Marshfield, WI in a contest that S&W sponsored at the IACP meeting that year. I ferreted that out while writing a Bodyguard article, myself.

If you need me to, I think I can find the correct spelling of his last name. Or, ask Roy Jinks. I think it may be in one of his books.

I'm going by memory, but the name is very close, if not precise. It's the only place where I've seen that name.

Marshfield, WI is probably a small enough town that a call to the PD there will get you the right spelling.

BTW, I once asked S&W to make me a M-49 with three-inch barrel. They refused, but I've since seen photos of such guns.

I think the Airweight Bodyguard was made at the request of a Federal agency, but the company never said just which one.

I think the Bodyguard may also be the only S&W revolver made first in Airweight form. This was true of the M-39 9 mm auto, so I stress "revolver" in the case of the M-38.
Thanks for the comments - appreciated, but since this article was written back in 2015, it's already been published in the Blue Press. Good info.

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